A deep-learning Framework for Multi-level Peptide–protein Interaction Prediction

Yipin Lei, Shuya Li, Ziyi Liu, Fangping Wan, Tingzhong Tian, Shao Li, Dan Zhao*, Jianyang Zeng*


Peptide-protein interactions are involved in various fundamental cellular functions and their identification is crucial for designing efficacious peptide therapeutics. Recently, a number of computational methods have been developed to predict peptide-protein interactions. However, most of the existing prediction approaches heavily depend on high-resolution structure data. Here, we present a deep learning framework for multi-level peptide-protein interaction prediction, called CAMP, including binary peptide-protein interaction prediction and corresponding peptide binding residue identification. Comprehensive evaluation demonstrated that CAMP can successfully capture the binary interactions between peptides and proteins and identify the binding residues along the peptides involved in the interactions. In addition, CAMP outperformed other state-of-the-art methods on binary peptide-protein interaction prediction. CAMP can serve as a useful tool in peptide-protein interaction prediction and identification of important binding residues in the peptides, which can thus facilitate the peptide drug discovery process.



2021-03-05 03:05